Camping out is safer than an Inn right?

MMFB decided to camp out in the woods overnight, away from the cabin with the female caster, but not too close to the town of Pitney to raise any suspicions. After patching up Ash and multiple heal spells for Ash and Hermes they settle in for some much needed rest. Faral is going to stand watch. The night went by with no surprises, but just as the Sun comes up Faral starts screaming for everyone to take up their weapons!

A goblin escorting a few wolves to who knows where pounces on the group as they roll off the bedrolls. Before they even had any drink or food MMFB was once again in a fight for their lives. Luckily the wolves were no match for the quick spells, blades and flurry of blows that the team put upon them. If the goblin had been smarter he would have ran after seeing all three wolves cut down in front of him. No one has every accused a goblin of being smart. After making quick work of the remaining goblin. Ash steps back and says “I’m feeling much better today, and breakfast has come to us.” They all take their fill, until they can eat nor mor. Ash who seems to particularly enjoy the wolf meat, not sure if he likes wolf meat or that he killed it with this bare hands, either way he packs some extra into his backpack.

They set off down the road and not long before they can see black smoke above the trees which seems to be coming from the direction of Fairstone. As they get a bit closer they hear what sounds like large rocks coming crashing down to the ground.

Ash and Hermes decide to sneak up and scout out the town. After a short while they come back to the rest of the group and tell them there are two minotaurs moving large rocks that seem to be flying out of a hole in the ground. As well as one very bored looking goblin, watching them work.



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