The Dwarven Gate

The Elven Army patrol stays with MMFB right up to the edge of the Elven forrest, then with a simple “Goodbye” they turn and start marching back to the capital. They stay the night in Duxbury which thankfully is a very uneventful night. The first that MMFB has had in a long time. The next morning they start out and by mid-day they reach the Dwarven Gate.

As the near the edge of the Dwarven Gate they can see the size of it. At the base of the Great Range Mountains the width of the mountains would be about 25 miles at its widest point, which is where the Gate was built. The Dwarves carved out a massive archway corridor with giant dwarven statues of the past Dwarven Kings Ogden Stonehealer and Duncan Stonehammer forming the arches holding the remainder of the mountain above them on their shoulders. At this point in the Greate Range you cannot see the top of the mountain due to the clouds. There are three platform levels that are so massive they could be confused for stairs for a giant, each platform is 5 miles in width with merchants, houses, bars, inns etc. The third level where the Gates are on each end is 5 miles from from gate to gate. Each level has a set of stairs on alternating ends of the platform along with a sloped area for bringing up merchant carts. All three platforms and the archway were carved right out of the mountain. The only thing that rivals the size of platforms and the archway are the massive metal doors at both ends. Each door is operated by some dwarven machinery deep in the mountain. They control it from an elevated control area on the gate platform as they call it. Both the East and West control are close to the gate and completely independent.

There is pretty much anything and everything going on that you could imagine. Food, fights, trading of pretty much everything both legal and illegal. As you make you through the lowest level you pass a dwarf with a huge Orc in chains he calls out to Ash. “Hey you look like a tough one, but if you need anything moved or destroyed have I got the muscle for you” he points back at the Orc. The Orc is kinda sitting there shoulder down and doesn’t move but appears to be watching the Dwarf out of the corner of his eye. The dwarf hits him with the handle of his axe. The Orc stands and screams at the dwarf. The dwarf jumps back a bit and the Orc lunges at him hitting the end of his chains right before he can reach the dwarf. The dwarf laughs at him, and turns back to Ash and says “Told you he’s got spirit…you just gotta know how to handle ‘em, like I…” he is abruptly interrupted as the Orc freaks out pulls one of the chains out of the stone wall it is fastened to. As Ash is trying to interject and say this is no way for one creature to treat another. The Orc knocks the dwarf head over feet and grabs his battle axe (which looks kinda ridiculous in the Orcs hands but it was a dwarf Greataxe so it works as a one handed Axe for him). Hellbent on getting free he hacks the other chain and then looks to the forest in the distance and lowers his gaze on Ash and the crowd in his way. The other merchants and customers are getting out of the way. The dwarf kinda wakes up and says to Ash “Gimme a hand with him will ya, and don’t break my Axe!”
Ash tries to talk to the Orc but he is so enraged he starts swinging wildly at the group. The group working together like battle hardened soldiers that have fought together for years quickly cut the Orc down to size, but do not kill him. Instead they offer to buy him of the dwarf. The dwarf’s eyes light up and he asks for a ridiculous price, which Ash scoffs at, but Hermes steps in and says he will pay. He holds out his coin purse and shows the agreed amount to the dwarf then ties it back up and flips it to the dwarf. The dwarf laughs at the group thinking he made a steal, when in fact we find out that Hermes duped the dwarf and he got nothing other than a bag of rocks. Mark eyes Hermes a bit closer after seeing what he had done and double checks his coin purse, thinking to himself he needs to learn an anti-thievery ritual.

The group decides to stay in one of the nicer inns on the main level of the gate and continue their journey the next day. The next morning after breakfast MMFB starts out toward the East gate. As they are finding their way through the massive crowd the ground begins to shake and rumble, then the East gate starts to close slowly at first but quickly picking up speed. People only seem to walk a little faster at first then it turns into full out panic, people getting trampled while trying to get out of the way. Miraculously no one is injured but two merchant carts were smashed in between the gate doors. One of the local merchants scoffs and says “East gate, always broken. Better just wait it out, who knows how long it could be.” Moments later a dwarf comes running out of a building “Help help there has been a cave in and the East gate motor won’t turn off, it will explode if we don’t shut it down. We need to get to the East Gate Motor Room.” Several dwarves run off to help and the one dwarf says, “we’ll need more than that any volunteers…”

MMFB steps in once again.



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