The Dwarven Gate Motor

The Dwarf says “I’m Garn, follow me” and runs off, faster than you would think a Dwarf could. They go into one building, and at a download slope then comes down to where the tunnel splits and runs into another Dwarf and says where can we help, he points down the lower tunnel. The go a bit deeper and another split, further down is where they need help. They finally reach a room that has some gears and machine readouts. He says it’s worse than the thought, the cave-in blocked the door from this side of the room and the cave-in blocked the air circulators and the southern entrance.

He says he has to stay in here to shut things down. Just as he says this the motor makes another grinding sound followed by a big bang and more rocks fall around them. They need to turn off the main engine. Go into the next room and turn the big wheel. Then get in the main engine room and flip the big lever down you can’t miss it. Only problem is you have to climb around the hydrostation and get into the next room because of the collapse blocking the door.

The hydro station is a cantilevered room over a large waterfall that serves as both a coolant for the motor and hydropower. There is a little access door that can be crawled through but it the part they need to crawl out around isn’t made for anyone to walk on, tiny ledge they can get around while holding on.

The group crawls out on the ledge. Faral looks confident almost bored, I guess it is easy when you can teleport halfway around. Vrakbor makes it half way around, but slips, and Ash is not quick enough to catch him. Helplessly the group watches him fall, but luckily they hear a large splash, then after a minute. “I’m okay”. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief, and Vrakbor starts to climb up. Ash pokes his head in through a squeaky access door to see a lot of Kenku, two of which seems to be watching over the others bash away at the motor control panels. The group rushes in the room Ash throwing a flurry of blows at the Ruffians but none of them landing. Faral elegantly steps into the room and basts several of the Ruffians out of existence. She half turns to Ash and shots him a smirk, Ash mumbles under his breath. The group quickly finds their rhythm and even with the fact two of the Kenku sprouted magic wings they were able to take care of them and turn off the wheel.

Garn shouts from the other room, “good job now just throw the lever in the next room.”

As the group heads into the next room, either this group was watching for them or MMFB made a lot of noise fighting the Kenku, because a large angry BugBear rushed right at them. Two skeletons that were on fire were hurling flaming orbs at them from on top of a catwalk at the far end of the room. Some of the group concentrates on the skeletons while the rest of the group is handling the BugBear. When the group is finally successful they disengage the lever and the machines finally spins down. It wasn’t until that point that they realized just how loud it was. Ash notices the same symbol that was on the door in Faristone is on the shoulder armor the BugBear and he decides to bring it with him for proof of who was behind the sabotage.

The group heads out, at this point other dwarves have cleared enough of the rubble they can climb out where the door was (no need to go around to the hydrostation again). Garn smiles widely and says, “I never doubted you, let me buy you all a drink”

Later MMFB meets at one of the many taverns at the Gate. Garn asks where are they headed? Why? The group mentions the Red Wizard, to which Garn says he doesn’t know who that is, but a lot of caravans have been coming through the Gate and then headed south. He assumed they were being taken to the humans who are trying to setup a harbor. He kinda grins and chuckles to himself. Another dwarf stumbles over and says I know all about the Red Wizard, he says buy me a drink and I will tell you. Garn looks at them then you but doesn’t say anything. Faral begrudging gets out a gold coin for a drink, and after the dwarf downs in one drink he says: “you will know it is him, cuz he wears red!”

Garn says he has one human friend that is a blacksmith in town called Nebo. He may have some information if there was anything going on near the human lands. He is two days travel directly following the southeast road.

Another dwarf comes over to Garn and says it wasn’t the Easties fault. Those darn critters were messing with the motor. … Oh well did Nemek tell you about the two weird large containers being moved through East gate when it happened. He was pretty sure there were some weird creature or creatures inside it, but before he had time to take a close look the whole mess with the gate happened and he turned his attention to helping his people and they made it out before the gate slammed closed.



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