The Orc Champion

To describe the creature that walked over the ridge as massive would be an understatement. He wore little armor but carried a longsword that was on fire when he drew it. He rushed the gate attacking it and it only took a few swings the gate burst open. He spied his prize which was Amberlee, grabbed her and started turned to leave. During all this MMFB was hacking and slashing on the beast. Eventually they were able to gain his full attention, not really sure if that was a wise decision. Amberlee was able to escape his grasp and then assist with some of the heals the group desperately needed. The tide of this battle had turned, they were working on the creature, some hit high, some hit low, rolling and dodging until the massive creature breathed it last. After the creature was down Mark was checking the body and came across a mace that fit his halfling stature perfectly and it was imbued with magical powers he was able to wield.

The group goes outside the gate accompanied by Amberlee and she lets out a sigh of relief as looks across the battlefield to see Tayax in the middle of a pile or Orc bodies. As the remaining army turns to run he yells “Is that the best you got!” Amberlee laughs and says, that is Tayax the best fighter I have ever known.

Amberlee invites them back to the tavern to discuss their next move, and so they can meet Tayax. Amberlee and Tayax meet MMFB in a room off the back of a tavern where they are planning the attack on the Red Wizard stronghold.

They are trying to make plans about how to attack the stronghold, both agreeing they need more troops. As they are talking a small bird flies in the room and speaks into Amberlee’s ear. She gets excited and tells the group that Dagnar the Wise has been able to convince the Dwarf king (Jalis Ironhammer) to mobilize the Dwarf army against the Red Wizard. They will be at his gate in 3 days.

Instead of begin happy Tayax gets mad at the news. “He’s an idiot! We haven’t found a way to deal with the Red Wizard’s Dragon yet! You know with both of them fighting together they will slaughter the army before they breach the walls.”

Amberlee gets mad at Tayax and says they could do it if had more people. Tayax says no, he must remain with the siege army since he is the only one who knows how they Red Wizards guards tactics. He will have to fight alongside the Dwarves. He says and you, I could never put you in danger. If only there was someone brave enough to take on the dragon. He lowers his gaze on MMFB. The group collectively look at each-other, none of them excited about jumping into a close battle with a dragon. Finally Ash steps forward, “We will take care of the dragon.”

They talk to Tayax about how he escaped the Red Wizards stronghold. He tells them through the sewers. Eventually he gives them the map, as he does he asks if they can swim. If not then they will need to get in through the South sewer entrance (2 days travel), else they can use the North sewer entrance (1 day travel).

Tayax tells them that no one really ever checks on the Dragon he lives in a almost sealed dungeon. The only way in is the food or really trash chute or up through the sewers. The galley dumps their leftovers or disobedient goblins down a trash chute which goes to the Dragon’s lair. The Red Wizard has inscriptions all over the Dragonkeep where he can summon the dragon to himself. If you were able to sneak in kill the dragon before the army got there, then when the army shows up you can go in at the same time. If you could get to the Red Wizard and keep him distracted we might have a chance.

The group decides to go in through the north sewer entrance. They rest overnight and leave early the next morning. By dusk they get near the sewer entrance and they see a small group guarding the outpost. Mark starts to cast the silence ritual as they close in on the group. Everyone but Vrakbor is hiding in the back of the wagon. The guards yell, “who goes there” but Vrakbor pretends he can’t hear allow the group to close the gap before Mark finishes the ritual. After a few more theatrics the group is able to get close enough to set everything in motion. Mark finishes the ritual and every jumps out to attack the guards. The group quickly dispatches of the simpleton guards. In order not to raise suspicions they prop up the dead guards around the fire throwing on several logs on the fire so it doesn’t go out.

After a quick swim MMFB dries off and enters the sewer. Cautiously making their way to the dragon.



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