The road to the Elven Library

MMFB rests up in Winterknell Isle before heading South through the Granite Pass then out West out of Craventown. They bump into a river then follow it South towards Adona.

We continued south on our journey to the realm of the Elves with the not red wizard as our prisoner. It was getting dark and we needed a place to stay but all the available rooms in the nearby inns were taken but at the last inn we visited we could get a room if we carried out a favor for the owner of the inn. There was an Elf and Human that left before paying their bill our job was to go collect the cash, how hard could it be? We encountered 3 Elves in the woods while looking for the Elf and human. Ash and I hid in the woods while Faral, Mark and Vrakbor talked to them. It became clear that these elves were in league with the Elf and Human and a fight ensured. During the fight one elf turned tail and fled Ash and I not yet spotted by the elves chased him through the woods while Faral, Vrakbor and Mark took care of the other two elves when Ash and I reached the cabin it was locked. Ash stepped aside to let me break down the door and we charged in to see the human that owed the money to the inn keeper. Ash charged her instantly while I stayed back and fired my crossbow at her. Then the elves came out the door on the other side of the cabin and began kicking me in the corner while the human which was apparently a wizard downs Ash with one spell, we really should stop separating from our healers it never works out Ash and I. We are allowed an opportunity to flee. Which I gladly accept as I drag Ash back through the woods we finally meet the rest of or party, we decided the inn wasn’t worth it and just to camp out but we are going to get revenge on that witch. All of us together which in retrospect should have been what we did in the first place but that doesn’t matter now all that matters is she is going down.

After the adrenaline settles down they decide they need to get to the Elven Library. So they will ignore the female caster, for now.



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