Town of Fairstone

What is the group going to do about the Minotaurs and the Goblin right in the middle of the road to the Elven Library?

As MMFB approaches the town of Fairstone they notice that all the buildings are burnt down or knocked over except for one house. This house has a weird marking on the door like a black circle with a red smudge of paint (or is it blood) off the top of it.

The group makes quick work of the Goblin and Minotaurs that are rolling the boulders that occasionally fly out of the hole. The group ties off a rope and heads down into the hole after Faral puts a light on Vrakbor’s shield since the hole is completely dark other than some pale flicking light from from the other end. The group descends down the rope quietly and gets the jump on the pair of Magma Hurlers. During their decent the rope was set ablaze by one of the brimstone rocks hurled at Mark. Luckily the group was able to make it down the rope before it broke, but with no time to worry about it the rope burnt beyond what would even hold a halfling. The group hears noises from over the pile of rocks and further down the cavern. Hermes sneaks over the pile of rocks and into the room to find a massive Magma Brute. After gathering his composure he unleashes a massive attack on the beast before it is even aware anyone else is in the chamber. At this point it turns and retaliates, which causes Hermes to quickly retreat back to his group as they quickly scramble over the rock pile. After some vicious strikes on both sides the group ends up victorious and walks back to where they dropped in the hole. While they are contemplating how to get out a rope is lowered down to them. Cautiously they start up the rope. Everyone is ascending to slow for Ash so he quickly climbs then flips out of the hole onto the ground above.

He is greeted with more than 100 members of the elven army. To which he quickly puts his hands up. The elven leader starts to blame the group for what has happened to Fairstone. After some quick explaining by all of MMFB the army escorts them back to the Elven Capital where the group is provided a decent meal and a chance to cleanup and rest.

The next day the group is taken in front of the Elven Court. Moments after they are escorted in to the court, Dalna, Faral’s sister, jumps out of one of the councils chairs and runs to embrace her. Faral and Dalna quickly catch up on why they are there. Dalna explains that she can bring Faral into the Elven Library but the others are not allowed in. Faral and Dalna leave to go to the library. A patrol is still assigned to guard/watch the MMFB group. However the leader asks if they want to see the Elven Armory. The group seems excited to get a look. So they set off and quickly come to the armory. There were many great shields, bows, swords and sets of armor, however the blacksmith wouldn’t sell them any, the Elven Armory is only for the Elves. However they could buy arrows, sling bullets or crossbow bolts. Since the Elves only seemed to bring them there to brag the group quickly ends up back outside, where another Elf tells them of an unsanctioned armory a bit down the path who might have something of interest to them.

The group decides to check it out. They find the place with no problem and inside is a middle aged elf they to sell all sorts of junk armor and weapons. It is rusted bent or just plain not worth the time it would take to make it usable again. He does get rather excited and try to sell them some vastly overpriced boots. Finally when the group is about to leave he says he has vials of Residuum. At which point Mark the Extremely Pale becomes very interested, and purchases several vials. Finally the group leaves the shop.

Once they are outside they meet up with Faral who tells them all she has learned about the Red Wizard. One disturbing thing she notes is that there were pages torn out of the book with the information on the Red Wizard. They believe the Red Wizard has setup his stronghold on the Southeastern most point of this continent in the volcano.

The group can either head through the southern pass or the Dwarven Gate.



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