Shifter Monk/Ranger




Deep in the wilds there is exists a temple few outsiders have ever seen. Temple Cyclone honors two gods, the outer ring represent Kord, the god of storms and battlefield prowess, while the calm center is home to Ioun, the goddess of knowledge, skill and balance. It is maintained by a sect of forrest-dwelling monks whom all share the same trait: they are Shifters. Few know struggle for balance between the storm of emotion and calm of reason like the race known as Shifters. Their primal instincts gnaw at the cage of civilization. But Ioun knew that the greater the weights being balanced, the more potential power being stored. Together with Kord she brought a singular nomadic band of Shifters to a temple forged by the Dwarves.

Removed from the churn of outside influence there is little to disrupt the balance the Cyclonic Sect seek. So while most of the sect maintains a continuous watch over the temple, when young monks come of age they are set loose into civilization to experience what the world has to offer. To wrestle temptation and to test the balance they will seek all their lives. While away they are encouraged to experience both sides of the scale: to feel the raw power of the storm their primal side exerts in battle and to find simple delight in the acquisition of knowledge and improvement of skills. Only then will they know the balance, and once that balance is honed they return to the Temple Cyclone to take up the vigil.

Ash has left the temple within the last year to begin his journey of balance. He enjoys the wilds but is fascinated by the peoples and civilizations he encounters. As with all the Cyclonic Sect he prefers to fight unarmed in close combat, crashing like a storm onto the shore. One gift that Ioun bestowed upon his sect long ago was the knowledge of archery, for the bow balances strength and flexibility. Defending the temple in the wilds has caused the Cyclonic Sect to integrate the bow into their fighting technique. Just as a storm starts with a few drops of rain before the main assault, an attack from these Shifters starts with arrows from afar as they make their silent approach then the storm breaks onto their foes with a flurry of kicks and punches.


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