Faral Feybourne

Eladrin Wizard



Born of the house of Willowbane, (of which I have seen very little since the death of my mother), I wander in the worldly realm out of curiosity, loyalty, and frankly to be rid of the company of my eldest sister; Dalna. She is everything a highborn elf should be; fair, graceful, some say charming and intelligent, ( which is difficult for me to see-even when looking closely). I know she is forever pointing out my many flaws. She lets my father, a once great Lord, believe he is in control, as she rules our little corner of the realm. He is not the same figure of strength, royalty, promise I remember as an elfling…not since my mother’s passing. She passed giving birth to my youngest brother; who surprisingly, (especially to my father), was clearly of Drow descent when he entered the world. It has been said that my mother was bewitched and tricked by a Drow shifter, but honestly my mother was as intelligent as she was beautiful; so it is hard for me to believe. My mother and I were a lot alike; both dark-haired, willful, curious. I suppose curiosity not only kills cats. Though I do miss my mother dearly, I don’t mourn for her, as cold as it seems. She was always happy, never filled with regret, loving. Who knows what motivates a free spirit sometimes. She was a model wife and mother, regardless of her minor transgressions. I imagine her enjoying her new adventures with the eleven Gods, oblivious to the chaos she left behind. I do however, mourn the state my father has been left in…sad really, but I have privately said my goodbyes long ago. And my sister? She is almost fanatic about her hatred of the Drow race. She has never given our little brother a chance, and father has fallen into place and shuns him as well. He is still a young 100 years old, and my beautiful little dark, curly- haired brother has no one really, save me. I’ve taught him everything I know though; the arcane, fighting, lore, and that he is loved. I leave him now to make his own choices, as I must make mine. In my heart I believe one day the three elven Gods will again join together as one. Our races will be stronger, nobler, and kinder to each other. If I am to be a part of this joining; so be it. However, I have much to learn about the world. I do this for you, Lannis of Willowbane, my beloved brother. We will meet again someday, strong and proud, away from the gloom of Willowbane.

Faral Feybourne

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