Kipp the Blacksmith

The next morning MMFB set out to Nebo. They get there by late afternoon and quickly find Kipp’s place due to the black smoke billowing out of the smoke stack in the center of the building. It is near the edge of the town, close enough you can see the Red Wizards stronghold walls. Kipp asks who they are and what do they want. Faral immediately jumps into the fact that Garn sent them to him for information about the Red Wizard. Kipp acts surprised and says “I don’t know what you are talking about, but I can show you some great shields I have in the back room.” They go into a back room. In there he says you have be careful what you say out in the open so close to the Red Wizards stronghold. He points out the window you can see it there. He turns and looks at the fireplace where there is a small fire, pulls out his pipe and lights it. He offers tobacco to the party and says you can use one of his pipes if you don’t have one.

MMFB explains they are looking for information on the Red Wizard and his stronghold. Kipp leans back and contemplates it for a minute while taking a long drag from his pipe. He says I only know of one person that has ever made it away from the Red Wizards control. A Dragonborn named Tayax. He worked his way into the good graces of the Red Wizard over the years, and became his best fighter. The Red Wizard stole him when he was just an Egg, and kind of raised him. If you can call forcing him to fight to survive “raising him”. Eventually Tayax was able to get the Red Wizard to trust him and he was basically free to come and go as he wanted, but had to remain in the stronghold. Eventually Tayax was able to find a way out and snuck out of the stronghold. Only he knows and he is the only one to ever get out. Last I heard he is in the Dragonborn town of Oralash trying to drum an army to take out the Red Wizard.

You hurry to Oralash. As MMFB gets there they can see a lot of guards. They are stopped on the road a bit away from Oralash at first, but luckily Amberlee recognizes them and tells the guards to let them pass. Amberlee is tending to the wounds of several Dragonborn that were part of a scouting party that barely made it back. She wanted to patch them up a bit them get them into the city where she can take care of them properly. Just as they start to talk a loud horn is blown from one of the outposts around the town. Amberlee looks around and panic is obvious in her face and she yells everyone get behind the gate they are here. She asks if you could hold them off while she helps the wounded into the city to safety behind the gate. Ash steps forward and says they will help her get the wounded behind the walls. It takes the entire group but they are able to get everyone in before the Orcs arrive at the gate.

A large group of Orcs come rushing towards the gate with only two archers hanging back. MMFB quickly jumps into the battle. Ash throws a rope over the ledge to join Vrakbor and Mark on the ground in front of the gate. Hermes and Faral throw a barrage of spells and crossbow bolts at the oncoming group. After a short skirmish the groups takes the Orcs down. Next a single Orc paces between two Blazing Skeletons as the skeletons work on destroying the gate. Eventually MMFB has to take the fight to them. As if the Orc Fighter had been waiting for them he starts flying around the battlefield cutting up any member of MMFB that dares to get close. After a vicious battler MMFB once again is victorious and regroups at the gate.

At this point the rest of the Orc army seems to be waiting on something. They are all just standing there on the ridge. Then MMFB can start to make out the Orc champion’s head and shoulders as he starts over the ridge.



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