Orc kidnappers?

The next morning MMFB sets out and makes it to the town of Winden about dinner time. As they come into town they notice that many of the people are sick. People wandering the streets and several laid up in makeshift cots at the Inn. A lady, one of the few well people, says please help us they have taken out healer. I don’t know what happened but a couple of days ago many people started falling ill then more and more. A young boy says I told you between coughs. The woman shakes her head with her eyes closed, and how many times have you lied about Orcs this and Goblins that?!? Turns back, sorry about that. Yes he did say he saw a Orc near the main city well but no one believed him. We have obviously stopped using the well now, but nothing I do seems to make them better. I’ve tried Elderberry wraps and Llanowar leaf tea. We sent word to the best healer the East of the Great Range. As soon as she arrived in Winden she was jumped by several Orcs and dragged off. We are not fighters and as good as she is, she is not really a fighter either. I have no idea why they took her, but one of our trackers, followed them to the Southeast where they are holding her last we knew.

The tracker leads MMFB to the place where he saw the orcs. It doesn’t take long. They come up to a clearing in the lightly wooded area where there are several Orcs standing over a hole, several are keeping watch, while two work the winch. The two working the winch appear to be locking it into place.

MMFB cuts into the Orcs not even trying to talk to them. Clearly they were only holding their captive here temporarily, but what are they waiting for? After dispatching the Orcs the group heads down the winding narrow stairs nothing to hold on to and only the chain in the middle of the shaft going down. As Hermes rounds the corner he unwittingly sets off a flame trap which bathes most of the stairs in fire. Some of the flames fall into the shaft below and each time they do there is a small scream from below. Before the group even has a second to think about how to deal with the trap, two Fire Bats fly up and attack each one of them.

What happens next is the so scary that Ash still doesn’t like to talk about it. A flurry of swords, magic, arrows, crossbow and fists, along with fire, so much fire. Eventually the group slays the bats and get to a safe spot on the stairs. At this point Ash slumps down against the wall tamping out the remaining embers of fire from his cloak. There are many, many holes burnt into it at this point. He gathers himself up at the same time the rest of the group seems invigorated after a short breather and then head deeper down the shaft.



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