The Red Wizard's Dragon!

MMFB cautiously make their way around the sewers following the map that Tayax gave them. They soon come across a group they cannot get around and jump into battle with them. As soon as they have engaged the Kobolds, two more jump out of the filth that is slowly flowing by into a grate in the ground. The sight and smell of the two kobolds jumping out of the sewer trough was nearly enough to make Faral and Mark throw up. The battle rages on in one corner where a Kobold is trying to make a stand. Vrakbor, eager to jump into the fight attempts to jump over the liquid filth but miscalculates the distance and ends up falling in. Luckily he is tall enough so that his head sticks out of the mess. Mark decides the easiest way over is to run across using Vrakbors head as a stepping stone, jumping into the fight. With Faral’s flaming sphere cutting through the enemies and the group ganging up on the kobold in the corner, the only team member that comes away with any real injuries is Ash. Apparently he decided to catch every arrow with the body instead of dodging them.

MMFB scrambles their way up using makeshift footholds to get into the downward slope that is the galleys trash chute. They fasten a rope before decending, and the group gets to the entrance to the Dragonkeep. Hermes, against the pleading of his friends jumps down and says “I’m going to talk to him.” He tries, but the dragon simply responds by spitting liquid fire at him. The rest of the group rushes into massive room 30′ × 60′ with two huge pillars near the middle of the room. All the walls are covered with ancient runes that pulse with magic. The group begins to engage the dragon, Vrakbor refuses to mark the dragon out of fear what his focused attack might entail. Mark scoffs at Vrakbor and finds a soft spot on the dragons back leg and bashes away at it. This causes the dragon to fall in the middle of the fight, not once but twice. After several of his attacks bounce right off the dragon’s scales Hermes runs for the gold pile in the corner of the room, while the rest of the group is distracted by the dragon. Among the gold he finds severl garnet gems and a shield that is only useful for Vrakbor. Upon recognizing this he attempts to throw it to him, but having never dealt with type of weapon before misses wildly, bouncing the shield off the wall then a pillar before coming to rest on the other side of the room. Hermes takes off running to it and runs it righ to Vrakbor. Several potions, second winds and Vrakbor falling near death twice before they are able to fell the dragon.

After everyone has taken a few moment to catch their breath they try to decide what to do next. As Mark and Faral inspect the runes on the Dragonkeep walls they are certain that is how the Red Wizard summons the dragon. It obviously wouldn’t fit out the way they came in. So Ash pulls out some white doves and some bird seed, taking a 1/2 a glass of water from Vrakbor and says he has a great idea. MMFB makes their way out of the sewers and back to their wagon hidden in the trees near the outpost guards they had vanquished earlier. They wait until the next morning when they will meet Tayax. The group discusses how they are going to get into the stronghold in the morning, eventually deciding to go back through the sewers and enter through the Elite Guard house.



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