The Red Wizard's Tower

Part 1 of 3

MMFB makes their way through the sewers without any encounters. They sneak up the ladder and peek into the Elite Guard house to see 4 guards that appear to be cleaning up the room. They muster their courage expecting a massive fight and bust into the room weapons drawn. Only to realize these are not the elite guards, but orcs that have been assigned to work for the Elite Guard and they are all quickly cut down to nothing. The group then peaks out the door and has to make a run across the courtyard to make it to the Red Wizards tower.

The group hacks and slashes their way to the stairs, kicking a few Orcs off the ascending stairs to their quick deaths. After running up several flights they make it to a small tower that is the only entrance to the Red Wizards tower but first they have to cross a bridge that is 50’ in the air and there is large Troglodyte standing in the middle of bridge, tapping his Greatclub in his other hand waiting for the fight to come to him.



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