Who did the Orcs kidnap and why?

The group decends the last set of stairs and Hermes looks around the corner one way while Ash looks around the other. They see several Orcs lingering around and one that seems to be taunting the creature in the cage. From where they are they cannot see what is in the cage, only that it is about 10 feet in the air and chained from the bottom and top so it can’t go up or down with operating the winch at the top of the shaft. The group runs into the fray and after disposing the of Orc leader the rest of them were easy to cut down. The group lets down the prisioner.

She is bound and gagged, and very thankful for being rescued. After regaining a bit of her composure she goes over and kicks the Orc leader in the stomach. She asks who are you? How did you know where to find me? Why did you save me? Before MMFB has time to answer the barrage of questions she realizes they need to get back to Winden and cuts off Vrakbor who is mid-sentence: “We must hurry back to Winden a lot of people are very sick.” They go back to the village and with an ancient ritual she cures everyone, but they are slow to gain their strength back.

MMFB asks her what her name is, she says Amberlee. MMFB asks why the Orcs took her, she say because she wouldn’t willingly join the Red Wizard eye roll. He tried to play it up like they were the same, half-elves and such. So he let her go, and said she had two days to reconsider, he had to take care of something else anyway, and he would send someone for my answer. They caught up with her just as she was arriving in Winden and when she said no for her final answer the Orcs jumped her and took her.

When they are back at the village someone else says she is the best healer East of the Great Range, maybe the whole land. Amberlee blushes but doesn’t dispute the statement.

Finally Amberlee says everyone looks like they are on the mend so she is going to the Dragonborn town of Oralash. She heard that there is a group of people trying to gather up any more that are willing to take the fight to the Red Wizard head on. Before she leaves she sends a message to the Dwarf king asking for help in fighting the Red Wizard via a animal messenger crow.



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