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It begins...

The M.M.F.B adventures meet up in the only tavern in Winterknell Isle a small town at the southern entrance of the Granite Pass. Only the bartender, the adventurers and a single old patron nursing his stein of ale are in the tavern. As the adventurers are boasting of their previous adventures the old patron scoffs a few times. At first the adventurers keep on talking, ignoring the outbursts of an old man. After a few more steins of ale the old patron says “You have seen nothing until you have battled a dragon…or…worse yet trebuchets…” his words fade off like he is reliving some horror. The patron has yet to remove his hood or show his face to any of the adventurers.

As the brave adventures of the Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (MMFB) began today don’t know how that name got through really but lets roll with it. It began at a tavern on a cold cold mountain like really cold like I had a turtleneck on my tail “don’t judge me Mark I can hear you laughing!” we’ll continuing on. We had the place to ourselves it was pretty cool it was me (Hermes), Mark the Extremely Pale he’s a Halfling not the normal short kind, he’s part giraffe I don’t know how that happened. I don’t question it either, because he’s good at what he does. There is also Vrakbor the Dragonborn, he is kinda a big dude 10 feet tall and 666 pounds, it is a little cramped sitting next to him, but i am not telling him to move. Next to him is Faral she’s an Eladrin she can teleport and such, which in my profession would be very useful I’m a thief to put it nicely. There was one other guy besides the bartender a golden oldie kinda creepy looks. Vrakbor was bragging about something or another and this guy called us out on it, calling us not real adventurers while me Mark and Vrakbor were decideding how to rob/kill the old man Faral asked him what he meant. He stated that your not a real adventurer until you fight a dragon she asked him if there were any nearby to fight he said he would tell but first we must buy a scarf it looked really warm. I had already tried to steal it (I can’t help myself) when the bartender threw a glass at my head what a jerk. Well I don’t have any coins so Faral buys the scarf and gives it to me it smells like a dying bird and I give it back to her immediately. The old man states he’s been having trouble with his wool business he’s been being ambushed at a nearby valley. I didn’t see what this had to do with dragons but we took it anyway even if the cheapskate wouldn’t fork out some cash for the deal. Well admittedly its our first time in a while adventuring together and we had a rough start there was a cobalt slinger and two orcs guarding the very obvious cave so we took em on head on and kinda sucked a little it took some doing but me and Faral took down the slinger while Mark and Vrakbor dealt with the orcs. They had no gold at all I feel was a little mean but the gods have their way eh? (Don’t know why I’m talking to a book), so we continue onward a little less confident and a little more hurt when we enter the cave I try talking to the moss but there was none. Why do bad guys keep there lairs so clean anyway when we entered we saw a power hungry goblin and while on his own that isn’t a problem but he had a lot of underlings. Vrakbor led the charge and (tried) to blast the to smithereens with his much over-talked “breath of the dragons” it did little but it did something. I missed my crossbow shot aiming around the 600 pound dragon yeah my fault there. Anyway Faral really saved us by teleporting in and knocking them all out this was our opportunity it was a blood bath (on both sides) even Mark whacked some people with his stick (to death of course). I’m also pretty sure Vrakbor sat on someone but he denies it and I’m not gonna argue I personally took on the head honcho bad idea number one of the day guy could take a hit and dish em out to it still stings. Mark healed me up and I thought I was fine then he called in 5 more guys that surrounded me well that wasn’t so smooth but it kinda worked out. Vrakbar kinda stepped on the little bugger while me and Faral took out the rest while Mark kept us in top shape. We had to tend to our wounds before continuing and at the time of this passage we are still in the first section but this will be a grand adventure with loot and plenty a great story I can’t wait for it to continue.

Is Red Robes the Red Wizard?

After the MMFB group has finished off the Gnome Arcanist and his Fire Beetles they interrogated him, but he knew very little. All he could tell them was that he worked for someone called Red Robes. He doesn’t really know where he lives since Red Robes pops in and out of his dungeon magically. The Gnome and his minions have been attacking any groups that travel the Granite Pass. They take whatever they can and it all goes to the Red Robes. For their service they receive a small amount of gold and are left alive.

Upon returning to the relay the problem critters in Granite Pass have been vanquished MMFB attempts to get more information from the old man at the bar. They retreat to a private corner where he relays his story after a bit of coaxing. I am Amnon, I was once part of an adventuring group called SMITE however those days are long past now. Amnon has aged beyond that of a normal Tiefling. Perhaps it is part of his curse for not dying on the battlefield with his companions. Amon goes on to explain.

The Red Wizard slaughtered a simple family of travelers right in front of my house. He killed the travelers, as a farmer would slaughter livestock. No remorse, no compassion, simply slain and the bodies looted for a mere 2 silver, and 4 copper.
Upon hearing the slaughter my father came running out of the barn with training axe and shield sill in his hands. It only took him a moment to realize what was going on and lust for battle and his rage overtook him. He ran into the first squad of 5 minions dispatching them all before the last one had a chance to draw his sword. As he turned to the Red Wizard and took a defensive stance he said “Leave my land, and no more will die!”
The Red Wizard makes his way to the front line of minions, as he does, my mother runs out the front door having hear the small battle that has started. The Red Wizard’s eyes twitch to her for just a moment then go back to my father. The Red Wizard raised his arms, holding a staff in his right hand. Amnon’s father assumed he was going to surrender, apologize or even threaten him in return, this was not the case. After a long moment the Red Wizard opened his mouth to speak and a fraction of a second later Amnon’s father realized it was not a surrender, rather he was casting a spell. He leaped forward with the Red Wizard only a few feet away he figured he could make it to him before he finished. He was wrong. There is no accurate way to describe what happened next. A huge wave of this pungent reddish-green liquid sprang up from the ground starting at the wizards feet and moved forward engulfing Amnon’s father and moments later killing his mother and eroding a large portion of his house such that all that was left was a couple of courses of stone on the southernmost wall. All manner of living things the wall passed through died, no plants, animals, no anything survived, it even scorched the ground.
I ran to the edge of the forest when he heard the battle between the minions and the travelers, and it was there that I witnessed the exchange between my father and the minions and finally the Red Wizard killing both of my parents. I froze for a few moments until the reality of what had happened sunk in and my anger built up inside conjuring my first real another spell, one that came from the darkest reaches of his mind, one he had read, but never performed. Rivulets of clinging liquid fire shot out and cascaded over the squadrons of minions between him and Red Wizard. Those that died instantly were the lucky ones, others had their flesh melted off of them, taking them only seconds longer to meet the same fate. As the fire wave made its way to the Red Wizard he turned only slightly, and with little concern he threw up a single hand and a shield of arcane energy formed, as the flames smash into the shield they dissipate.

I fell to my knees totally drained from the spell I had just conjured, barely holding onto consciousness I heard him say ”Some day youngling, you may be a worthy mage.” That is the last thing I remember. Next my uncle was shaking me awake. I spent the rest of my time training with him. I still don’t know why he let me live.

After Amnon comes comes back to the present from reliving the horror of this encounter he continues.

From what I know the Red Wizard was recruiting all manner of creatures when I encountered him as a child. Those creatures which he cannot control with fear or gold he takes over their minds. If they resist or if he even feels they would threaten him, he eliminates them. Last I heard was the Red Wizard made a long several year traversal of all of the lands and was headed south from here. However I doubt he would have settled in Elven lands so I assume he went east. Likely he created a stronghold past the Dragonborn Plains and outside of Dwarf or Humans reach.

I never learned of any weaknesses of the Red Wizard in all my years, but Jalis’s grandson Dagnar the Wise, the oldest Dwarf Elder might have some knowledge if anyone does.
However if you do not trust Dwarves or do not have enough gold to make them listen to you may try to get information at the Elven Library.
If you are foolhardy enough you could go through the Northern Pass which would put you into Troll territory, however if you are sly enough and lucky enough you may be able to make it to the Dragonborn territory with all your limbs.

After much discussion and more questions from MMFB for Amnon about the lands and their options, the group has chosen to go to the Elven Library. They travel south through Granite Pass to Craventown and stay at an Inn there before heading to the Elven Library.

Amnon gives him directions as best he can since he has never been there personally.

The Elven Library is in the Elven Capital City Velikana. Which is pretty much directly south of Craventown, but still a couple day’s ride. The easiest way to get there is to go west a about a ½ day’s walk and when you hit the river follow it south to the town of Adona. Adona is a very very small town. Then you can follow the road south through Pintey then follow the road still further south to the capital. Pintey is on the edge of the Elven territory which also serves as an outpost.

The road to the Elven Library

MMFB rests up in Winterknell Isle before heading South through the Granite Pass then out West out of Craventown. They bump into a river then follow it South towards Adona.

We continued south on our journey to the realm of the Elves with the not red wizard as our prisoner. It was getting dark and we needed a place to stay but all the available rooms in the nearby inns were taken but at the last inn we visited we could get a room if we carried out a favor for the owner of the inn. There was an Elf and Human that left before paying their bill our job was to go collect the cash, how hard could it be? We encountered 3 Elves in the woods while looking for the Elf and human. Ash and I hid in the woods while Faral, Mark and Vrakbor talked to them. It became clear that these elves were in league with the Elf and Human and a fight ensured. During the fight one elf turned tail and fled Ash and I not yet spotted by the elves chased him through the woods while Faral, Vrakbor and Mark took care of the other two elves when Ash and I reached the cabin it was locked. Ash stepped aside to let me break down the door and we charged in to see the human that owed the money to the inn keeper. Ash charged her instantly while I stayed back and fired my crossbow at her. Then the elves came out the door on the other side of the cabin and began kicking me in the corner while the human which was apparently a wizard downs Ash with one spell, we really should stop separating from our healers it never works out Ash and I. We are allowed an opportunity to flee. Which I gladly accept as I drag Ash back through the woods we finally meet the rest of or party, we decided the inn wasn’t worth it and just to camp out but we are going to get revenge on that witch. All of us together which in retrospect should have been what we did in the first place but that doesn’t matter now all that matters is she is going down.

After the adrenaline settles down they decide they need to get to the Elven Library. So they will ignore the female caster, for now.

Camping out is safer than an Inn right?

MMFB decided to camp out in the woods overnight, away from the cabin with the female caster, but not too close to the town of Pitney to raise any suspicions. After patching up Ash and multiple heal spells for Ash and Hermes they settle in for some much needed rest. Faral is going to stand watch. The night went by with no surprises, but just as the Sun comes up Faral starts screaming for everyone to take up their weapons!

A goblin escorting a few wolves to who knows where pounces on the group as they roll off the bedrolls. Before they even had any drink or food MMFB was once again in a fight for their lives. Luckily the wolves were no match for the quick spells, blades and flurry of blows that the team put upon them. If the goblin had been smarter he would have ran after seeing all three wolves cut down in front of him. No one has every accused a goblin of being smart. After making quick work of the remaining goblin. Ash steps back and says “I’m feeling much better today, and breakfast has come to us.” They all take their fill, until they can eat nor mor. Ash who seems to particularly enjoy the wolf meat, not sure if he likes wolf meat or that he killed it with this bare hands, either way he packs some extra into his backpack.

They set off down the road and not long before they can see black smoke above the trees which seems to be coming from the direction of Fairstone. As they get a bit closer they hear what sounds like large rocks coming crashing down to the ground.

Ash and Hermes decide to sneak up and scout out the town. After a short while they come back to the rest of the group and tell them there are two minotaurs moving large rocks that seem to be flying out of a hole in the ground. As well as one very bored looking goblin, watching them work.

Town of Fairstone

What is the group going to do about the Minotaurs and the Goblin right in the middle of the road to the Elven Library?

As MMFB approaches the town of Fairstone they notice that all the buildings are burnt down or knocked over except for one house. This house has a weird marking on the door like a black circle with a red smudge of paint (or is it blood) off the top of it.

The group makes quick work of the Goblin and Minotaurs that are rolling the boulders that occasionally fly out of the hole. The group ties off a rope and heads down into the hole after Faral puts a light on Vrakbor’s shield since the hole is completely dark other than some pale flicking light from from the other end. The group descends down the rope quietly and gets the jump on the pair of Magma Hurlers. During their decent the rope was set ablaze by one of the brimstone rocks hurled at Mark. Luckily the group was able to make it down the rope before it broke, but with no time to worry about it the rope burnt beyond what would even hold a halfling. The group hears noises from over the pile of rocks and further down the cavern. Hermes sneaks over the pile of rocks and into the room to find a massive Magma Brute. After gathering his composure he unleashes a massive attack on the beast before it is even aware anyone else is in the chamber. At this point it turns and retaliates, which causes Hermes to quickly retreat back to his group as they quickly scramble over the rock pile. After some vicious strikes on both sides the group ends up victorious and walks back to where they dropped in the hole. While they are contemplating how to get out a rope is lowered down to them. Cautiously they start up the rope. Everyone is ascending to slow for Ash so he quickly climbs then flips out of the hole onto the ground above.

He is greeted with more than 100 members of the elven army. To which he quickly puts his hands up. The elven leader starts to blame the group for what has happened to Fairstone. After some quick explaining by all of MMFB the army escorts them back to the Elven Capital where the group is provided a decent meal and a chance to cleanup and rest.

The next day the group is taken in front of the Elven Court. Moments after they are escorted in to the court, Dalna, Faral’s sister, jumps out of one of the councils chairs and runs to embrace her. Faral and Dalna quickly catch up on why they are there. Dalna explains that she can bring Faral into the Elven Library but the others are not allowed in. Faral and Dalna leave to go to the library. A patrol is still assigned to guard/watch the MMFB group. However the leader asks if they want to see the Elven Armory. The group seems excited to get a look. So they set off and quickly come to the armory. There were many great shields, bows, swords and sets of armor, however the blacksmith wouldn’t sell them any, the Elven Armory is only for the Elves. However they could buy arrows, sling bullets or crossbow bolts. Since the Elves only seemed to bring them there to brag the group quickly ends up back outside, where another Elf tells them of an unsanctioned armory a bit down the path who might have something of interest to them.

The group decides to check it out. They find the place with no problem and inside is a middle aged elf they to sell all sorts of junk armor and weapons. It is rusted bent or just plain not worth the time it would take to make it usable again. He does get rather excited and try to sell them some vastly overpriced boots. Finally when the group is about to leave he says he has vials of Residuum. At which point Mark the Extremely Pale becomes very interested, and purchases several vials. Finally the group leaves the shop.

Once they are outside they meet up with Faral who tells them all she has learned about the Red Wizard. One disturbing thing she notes is that there were pages torn out of the book with the information on the Red Wizard. They believe the Red Wizard has setup his stronghold on the Southeastern most point of this continent in the volcano.

The group can either head through the southern pass or the Dwarven Gate.

The Dwarven Gate

The Elven Army patrol stays with MMFB right up to the edge of the Elven forrest, then with a simple “Goodbye” they turn and start marching back to the capital. They stay the night in Duxbury which thankfully is a very uneventful night. The first that MMFB has had in a long time. The next morning they start out and by mid-day they reach the Dwarven Gate.

As the near the edge of the Dwarven Gate they can see the size of it. At the base of the Great Range Mountains the width of the mountains would be about 25 miles at its widest point, which is where the Gate was built. The Dwarves carved out a massive archway corridor with giant dwarven statues of the past Dwarven Kings Ogden Stonehealer and Duncan Stonehammer forming the arches holding the remainder of the mountain above them on their shoulders. At this point in the Greate Range you cannot see the top of the mountain due to the clouds. There are three platform levels that are so massive they could be confused for stairs for a giant, each platform is 5 miles in width with merchants, houses, bars, inns etc. The third level where the Gates are on each end is 5 miles from from gate to gate. Each level has a set of stairs on alternating ends of the platform along with a sloped area for bringing up merchant carts. All three platforms and the archway were carved right out of the mountain. The only thing that rivals the size of platforms and the archway are the massive metal doors at both ends. Each door is operated by some dwarven machinery deep in the mountain. They control it from an elevated control area on the gate platform as they call it. Both the East and West control are close to the gate and completely independent.

There is pretty much anything and everything going on that you could imagine. Food, fights, trading of pretty much everything both legal and illegal. As you make you through the lowest level you pass a dwarf with a huge Orc in chains he calls out to Ash. “Hey you look like a tough one, but if you need anything moved or destroyed have I got the muscle for you” he points back at the Orc. The Orc is kinda sitting there shoulder down and doesn’t move but appears to be watching the Dwarf out of the corner of his eye. The dwarf hits him with the handle of his axe. The Orc stands and screams at the dwarf. The dwarf jumps back a bit and the Orc lunges at him hitting the end of his chains right before he can reach the dwarf. The dwarf laughs at him, and turns back to Ash and says “Told you he’s got spirit…you just gotta know how to handle ‘em, like I…” he is abruptly interrupted as the Orc freaks out pulls one of the chains out of the stone wall it is fastened to. As Ash is trying to interject and say this is no way for one creature to treat another. The Orc knocks the dwarf head over feet and grabs his battle axe (which looks kinda ridiculous in the Orcs hands but it was a dwarf Greataxe so it works as a one handed Axe for him). Hellbent on getting free he hacks the other chain and then looks to the forest in the distance and lowers his gaze on Ash and the crowd in his way. The other merchants and customers are getting out of the way. The dwarf kinda wakes up and says to Ash “Gimme a hand with him will ya, and don’t break my Axe!”
Ash tries to talk to the Orc but he is so enraged he starts swinging wildly at the group. The group working together like battle hardened soldiers that have fought together for years quickly cut the Orc down to size, but do not kill him. Instead they offer to buy him of the dwarf. The dwarf’s eyes light up and he asks for a ridiculous price, which Ash scoffs at, but Hermes steps in and says he will pay. He holds out his coin purse and shows the agreed amount to the dwarf then ties it back up and flips it to the dwarf. The dwarf laughs at the group thinking he made a steal, when in fact we find out that Hermes duped the dwarf and he got nothing other than a bag of rocks. Mark eyes Hermes a bit closer after seeing what he had done and double checks his coin purse, thinking to himself he needs to learn an anti-thievery ritual.

The group decides to stay in one of the nicer inns on the main level of the gate and continue their journey the next day. The next morning after breakfast MMFB starts out toward the East gate. As they are finding their way through the massive crowd the ground begins to shake and rumble, then the East gate starts to close slowly at first but quickly picking up speed. People only seem to walk a little faster at first then it turns into full out panic, people getting trampled while trying to get out of the way. Miraculously no one is injured but two merchant carts were smashed in between the gate doors. One of the local merchants scoffs and says “East gate, always broken. Better just wait it out, who knows how long it could be.” Moments later a dwarf comes running out of a building “Help help there has been a cave in and the East gate motor won’t turn off, it will explode if we don’t shut it down. We need to get to the East Gate Motor Room.” Several dwarves run off to help and the one dwarf says, “we’ll need more than that any volunteers…”

MMFB steps in once again.

The Dwarven Gate Motor

The Dwarf says “I’m Garn, follow me” and runs off, faster than you would think a Dwarf could. They go into one building, and at a download slope then comes down to where the tunnel splits and runs into another Dwarf and says where can we help, he points down the lower tunnel. The go a bit deeper and another split, further down is where they need help. They finally reach a room that has some gears and machine readouts. He says it’s worse than the thought, the cave-in blocked the door from this side of the room and the cave-in blocked the air circulators and the southern entrance.

He says he has to stay in here to shut things down. Just as he says this the motor makes another grinding sound followed by a big bang and more rocks fall around them. They need to turn off the main engine. Go into the next room and turn the big wheel. Then get in the main engine room and flip the big lever down you can’t miss it. Only problem is you have to climb around the hydrostation and get into the next room because of the collapse blocking the door.

The hydro station is a cantilevered room over a large waterfall that serves as both a coolant for the motor and hydropower. There is a little access door that can be crawled through but it the part they need to crawl out around isn’t made for anyone to walk on, tiny ledge they can get around while holding on.

The group crawls out on the ledge. Faral looks confident almost bored, I guess it is easy when you can teleport halfway around. Vrakbor makes it half way around, but slips, and Ash is not quick enough to catch him. Helplessly the group watches him fall, but luckily they hear a large splash, then after a minute. “I’m okay”. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief, and Vrakbor starts to climb up. Ash pokes his head in through a squeaky access door to see a lot of Kenku, two of which seems to be watching over the others bash away at the motor control panels. The group rushes in the room Ash throwing a flurry of blows at the Ruffians but none of them landing. Faral elegantly steps into the room and basts several of the Ruffians out of existence. She half turns to Ash and shots him a smirk, Ash mumbles under his breath. The group quickly finds their rhythm and even with the fact two of the Kenku sprouted magic wings they were able to take care of them and turn off the wheel.

Garn shouts from the other room, “good job now just throw the lever in the next room.”

As the group heads into the next room, either this group was watching for them or MMFB made a lot of noise fighting the Kenku, because a large angry BugBear rushed right at them. Two skeletons that were on fire were hurling flaming orbs at them from on top of a catwalk at the far end of the room. Some of the group concentrates on the skeletons while the rest of the group is handling the BugBear. When the group is finally successful they disengage the lever and the machines finally spins down. It wasn’t until that point that they realized just how loud it was. Ash notices the same symbol that was on the door in Faristone is on the shoulder armor the BugBear and he decides to bring it with him for proof of who was behind the sabotage.

The group heads out, at this point other dwarves have cleared enough of the rubble they can climb out where the door was (no need to go around to the hydrostation again). Garn smiles widely and says, “I never doubted you, let me buy you all a drink”

Later MMFB meets at one of the many taverns at the Gate. Garn asks where are they headed? Why? The group mentions the Red Wizard, to which Garn says he doesn’t know who that is, but a lot of caravans have been coming through the Gate and then headed south. He assumed they were being taken to the humans who are trying to setup a harbor. He kinda grins and chuckles to himself. Another dwarf stumbles over and says I know all about the Red Wizard, he says buy me a drink and I will tell you. Garn looks at them then you but doesn’t say anything. Faral begrudging gets out a gold coin for a drink, and after the dwarf downs in one drink he says: “you will know it is him, cuz he wears red!”

Garn says he has one human friend that is a blacksmith in town called Nebo. He may have some information if there was anything going on near the human lands. He is two days travel directly following the southeast road.

Another dwarf comes over to Garn and says it wasn’t the Easties fault. Those darn critters were messing with the motor. … Oh well did Nemek tell you about the two weird large containers being moved through East gate when it happened. He was pretty sure there were some weird creature or creatures inside it, but before he had time to take a close look the whole mess with the gate happened and he turned his attention to helping his people and they made it out before the gate slammed closed.

Orc kidnappers?

The next morning MMFB sets out and makes it to the town of Winden about dinner time. As they come into town they notice that many of the people are sick. People wandering the streets and several laid up in makeshift cots at the Inn. A lady, one of the few well people, says please help us they have taken out healer. I don’t know what happened but a couple of days ago many people started falling ill then more and more. A young boy says I told you between coughs. The woman shakes her head with her eyes closed, and how many times have you lied about Orcs this and Goblins that?!? Turns back, sorry about that. Yes he did say he saw a Orc near the main city well but no one believed him. We have obviously stopped using the well now, but nothing I do seems to make them better. I’ve tried Elderberry wraps and Llanowar leaf tea. We sent word to the best healer the East of the Great Range. As soon as she arrived in Winden she was jumped by several Orcs and dragged off. We are not fighters and as good as she is, she is not really a fighter either. I have no idea why they took her, but one of our trackers, followed them to the Southeast where they are holding her last we knew.

The tracker leads MMFB to the place where he saw the orcs. It doesn’t take long. They come up to a clearing in the lightly wooded area where there are several Orcs standing over a hole, several are keeping watch, while two work the winch. The two working the winch appear to be locking it into place.

MMFB cuts into the Orcs not even trying to talk to them. Clearly they were only holding their captive here temporarily, but what are they waiting for? After dispatching the Orcs the group heads down the winding narrow stairs nothing to hold on to and only the chain in the middle of the shaft going down. As Hermes rounds the corner he unwittingly sets off a flame trap which bathes most of the stairs in fire. Some of the flames fall into the shaft below and each time they do there is a small scream from below. Before the group even has a second to think about how to deal with the trap, two Fire Bats fly up and attack each one of them.

What happens next is the so scary that Ash still doesn’t like to talk about it. A flurry of swords, magic, arrows, crossbow and fists, along with fire, so much fire. Eventually the group slays the bats and get to a safe spot on the stairs. At this point Ash slumps down against the wall tamping out the remaining embers of fire from his cloak. There are many, many holes burnt into it at this point. He gathers himself up at the same time the rest of the group seems invigorated after a short breather and then head deeper down the shaft.

Who did the Orcs kidnap and why?

The group decends the last set of stairs and Hermes looks around the corner one way while Ash looks around the other. They see several Orcs lingering around and one that seems to be taunting the creature in the cage. From where they are they cannot see what is in the cage, only that it is about 10 feet in the air and chained from the bottom and top so it can’t go up or down with operating the winch at the top of the shaft. The group runs into the fray and after disposing the of Orc leader the rest of them were easy to cut down. The group lets down the prisioner.

She is bound and gagged, and very thankful for being rescued. After regaining a bit of her composure she goes over and kicks the Orc leader in the stomach. She asks who are you? How did you know where to find me? Why did you save me? Before MMFB has time to answer the barrage of questions she realizes they need to get back to Winden and cuts off Vrakbor who is mid-sentence: “We must hurry back to Winden a lot of people are very sick.” They go back to the village and with an ancient ritual she cures everyone, but they are slow to gain their strength back.

MMFB asks her what her name is, she says Amberlee. MMFB asks why the Orcs took her, she say because she wouldn’t willingly join the Red Wizard eye roll. He tried to play it up like they were the same, half-elves and such. So he let her go, and said she had two days to reconsider, he had to take care of something else anyway, and he would send someone for my answer. They caught up with her just as she was arriving in Winden and when she said no for her final answer the Orcs jumped her and took her.

When they are back at the village someone else says she is the best healer East of the Great Range, maybe the whole land. Amberlee blushes but doesn’t dispute the statement.

Finally Amberlee says everyone looks like they are on the mend so she is going to the Dragonborn town of Oralash. She heard that there is a group of people trying to gather up any more that are willing to take the fight to the Red Wizard head on. Before she leaves she sends a message to the Dwarf king asking for help in fighting the Red Wizard via a animal messenger crow.


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